Frequently asked questions

Is this a guided art class?

Yes! We will teach you to paint the piece you signed up to paint.

How structured is your class?

We use the term structured loosley! We provide structure and instruction but also encourage you to get creative and make choices about the way you paint your piece.

Can we colour outside the lines?

Yes! If you want to change the colours, go for texture, experiment with style or more, please go ahead. We want you to have the best time possible and enjoy your sip 'n' dip!

Do you have aprons?

Yep! But remember you are painting so you should wear something you are happy to get some paint on!

What kind of resin do you use in class?

We choose to use 'Change Climate Bio Epoxy'. It is a revolution in bio resins. Made with renewable biological resources (organic vegetable waste) and a whopping 77% bio content, it is the best most environmentally friendly bio resin ever developed. Other benefits include low odour, ideal viscosity, UV stability with a hard cure. Change Climate Bio Epoxy is also the first bio resins that is BPA free!!! FEATURES BPA free Low odour UV stable Low viscosity Renewable sourced ingredients Smooth, glossy or matt (with additives) Self-levelling and seamless overcoat Hard cure Additives BENEFITS Safe Confined space use and earlier site re-entry UV stability and yellowing resistance Pourable/spreadable liquid Green building material High surface finish, easy to clean Easy to use Corrosion and abrasion resistant Colour and texture INSTRUCTIONS
Mixing – Pre-measured hardener provided in Part B is added to the contents of Part A and mixed thoroughly using a manual paint mixer or low revolution mechanical mixer for at least 5 minutes scraping all surfaces of the container to ensure compete mixing. Allow the reaction to start before application, usually within 15 minutes depending on ambient temperature. Note: All ingredients must be mixed to achieve maximum hardness When the Part B hardener is added, it reacts with the pre-resin (Part A). The reaction generates heat so should not be left unattended while curing and used within 1 hour. Learn more here: